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Welcome to ASF Recycling in Charlotte, NC! We offer professional recycling services as well as refined products. We are experienced, dedicated, and determined to meet your company's needs.

Providing premium recycling Products and Services

We are committed to providing quality, reliability,cost efficiency, and safety.

customizable services to fit your business

Our company is known for quality product, customized services, and competitve prices


99.9% clean copper granulates.


99.9% clean aluminum granulates.


99.9% clean plastic granulates.


Electronic Recycling

We handle several
recyclable products and services

ASF Recycling takes great pride in our industry-leading custom recycling processes. This is the core of our business, and is a process we take seriously. We work on medium to large orders of recycling material. We work with a large variety of metals and raw material forms. Our loyal customers come to us from a wide range of industries. Their applications and products are numerous, which include demolition, electronics, electrical, scrap yards, and more. What they all have in common is their satisfaction in our exceptional results and service.

ASF Recycling offers the most cost-effective, high-quality recycling services around. With our consulting, logistics, granulation, and other expert services, we consistently save customers time and money. We also offer a host of additional services, all under the initiative of environmentally-friendly, superior-quality work.

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We strive
For the highest quality

Our processes allow us to refine reyclable material up to 99.9% purity. Get the most out of your material by using our state of the art equipment.

We help
your business to grow

Our recycling services, suited to meet your needs with customizable plans

Offering the best level
of excellence in recycling services

ASF Recycling was incorporated in September of 2015 with the objective of offering a high level of recycling products and services. Its organizers, with a combined 5 years of experience in recycling, logistics, and customer service wanted to create an organization that caters to its customers needs. To achieve their objectives, ASF Recycling assembled a team of experienced and hardworking team members with a commitment to quality and efficiency.

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